Saturday, 23 March 2013

Taking tangents and tracking shadows....

The Scottish researcher has filed her report and the only 'concrete' result is that there is little evidence that our McLeod's either knew each other or came from the same area.

In fact, so far, the best 'evidence' is that Hannah and Daniel McLeod were from Charleville in Ireland. Having 'established' this then checking Catholic records for the death of Edward's first wife, Hannah, might be the way to go.

The researcher sent the following report which is very much a tangent for our research and something of 'shadow-work' for anyone else, but it may be of use to family members chasing the McLeod line because they have a blood connection, as I do not.

 McLeod Irish Research in Co. Cork.
Aim:- Ascertain if Hannah/Daniel McLeod were from Cork or if there were many other McLeods staying in the area about the same time.
• Charleville comes under the parish of Rathgoggan, civil parish of Orrery and Kilmore in County Cork.


Royal Irish Constabulary, County Cork Appointees Index 1816-1840
County Cork, Ireland Apothecaries 1791-1829 {A return of the name of each person in each year since 24 June 1791 who has been examined by the Governor and Directors of the Apothecaries Hall in Dublin and who has received a certificate to become an apprentice to learn the business of an apothecary}....Found:-
Denis McLeod in 1822 – City of Cork – Currently 1 hours drive from Charleville
• Tithe Applotments, Ireland 1823-1838 – Found in Ireland:-

• Griffiths Valuation Index Ireland 1848-1864 – Found in Ireland:-
• Obtained information on Charleville in Pigots Directory of 1924 {attached separately}
Irish Birth/Baptism Records checked at Roots Ireland Website 10th March– All Records for McLeod in Cork

& Passenger records leaving Ireland
Scottish Research – 8th March
New Register House, Edinburgh
• Hannah McLeod between 1810-1830 brings up 3 hit Inverness, clatt & portree none are close enough in date to be her.
• Daniel McLeod between 1810 & 1830 brings up 11 hits the closest being Daniel born in 1820 in Edinburgh to Malcolm McLeod/Christiana Young.
• Nothing found for a Henry Edward McLeod
• Mary McLeod Daughter of Malcolm McLeod & Sarah Anderson in Gorbals born 30th Jan baptised 5th Glasgow 1815 Ref 644-02, 0020
• No Marriage found for Mary McLeod in the Glasgow Area, the closest would have made her 8 on her wedding day.
• Donald a manservant at Guanal? to  Mary McKinnon on 09/04/1834 Ref 551-01, 0020 in tyree both resided there...the register page does give maiden names for other marriages on the page.  Did she wrongly give her Married Name?
• Searching a 20 year period in the area there are 5 Donald McKinnons who marry Mary’s, one was found in the 1841 Census but given how little this census contained it is hard to say what Donald and Mary it may be.
General Searches – 10th March
Looking at Family Search for some clues the following Children are listed in the Historical records for Malcolm McLeod and Sarah Anderson:-
Nancy Bn 1809 in Edinburgh
Agnes bn 1809 in Edinburgh
Mary bn 1815 in Gorbals
Christian bn 1816 in Gorbals
Mary Allan bn 1819 in Gorbals
There are also Pedigree files for the following Children:-
Malcolm Red bn 1834 who marries a Dolina MacKay
Ann who it says marries a Charles McLeod {nothing found on a search}
Cristine {possible Christian above} who it says married Michael Cameron
Allen [no further info}
• Obviously the pedigree information cant be counted on as these are trees that members have submitted...I suspect the birth date of Malcolm may be too late.   But it is interesting that there is an Ann, could this be Hannah?
Another interesting point in these trees is that is mentions that the father Malcolm McLeod was born on the isle of Raasay and the mother from Paisley near Glasgow.
• I know whilst on a visit to the island of Mull I noticed that a lot of the stones in the graveyards were McLeods, looking at Blacks Surname book of Scotland {image included} there is a mention of Tiree and Mull...Raasay is an island north of these two...could it be that the families jumped between places.
One thing I did do whilst on Mull was go up into the hills to view some of the highland clearance cottages that are still there.   This got me thinking if this was something that may have involved your McLeods.   See the following websites:- General info including dates of the Mull Clearances Lots of information relating to McLeods
One point also is that McKinnon seems to be the most common name in Tiree.
• Checked Gorbals Burials index from 1807-1854 this shows 103 people buried by the name of McLeod. {Document included}
See posting for information on Malcolm McLeod & Sarah Anderson moving to Nova Scotia