Saturday, 27 February 2010

Rising like a phoenix

Well, rising like a phoenix from the 'dough' it seems my cheese biscuits are a great hit. My husband Greg adores them and I have to say I like them as well. The remaining frozen dough will make its way into the savoury biscuit barrel but I shall still continue in my quest to make Auntie Teeny's cheese biscuits. It is nice to know though, that my efforts were not in vain. While I always bake my own cakes and sweet biscuits and slices I have never before ventured into the realm of savoury biscuits. Until now and I am increasingly conscious of what I have been missing. They really are, quantities aside, extremely easy to make and they taste so much better than the commercially produced variety that I am determined to pursue the potential of savoury biscuits... or crackers as the Americans call them.

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