Monday, 15 March 2010

Recipe re-write or is that re-right?

I have received some adjustment figures from cousins Barb and Jenny in regard to their grandma’s Cheese Biscuits. It seems there was a quantity mixup ... and that’s an understatement. Instead of 500grams of cold butter I need 8 ounces which is 226grams. HALF of what the original recipe said was needed. And I need 12 ounces of Self-Raising Flour, which is 340 grams, which is 80grams less than the 420g with which I was working in the original three-cups of flour recipe. There was no way it could work as it should.

Since then Cousin Barb has produced a batch of Auntie Teeny’s biscuits which she says are pretty close to the mark. I will have to take her word for it since we do not live close to each other but I am prepared to have another go at producing the ‘famous’ cheese biscuits, even before I have used up the mountain of dough which remains in my freezer.

The re-worked recipe for Auntie Teeny’s Cheese Biscuits is as follows:

226grams (8 oz) of hard butter; 340grams (12 oz) self-raising flour; one teaspoon of salt; quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper; four cups of grated tasty hard cheese, one egg and a little water.

Rub butter into flour which has been sifted with the salt and cayenne and then work into a dough with the grated cheese, egg and water. Roll out and cut into shapes. Bake at 180C for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove from oven, and, in another re-membered piece of information from my Auntie Jessie, split the biscuits and then return to oven to crisp.

As soon as Auntie Jessie, who is 89 this year and much 'closer' to the biscuit mystery than I could be, said it when I saw her last week I thought: ‘Yes, of course.’ The original biscuits always had a rough side and of course they would split easily (I hope) being made with self-raising flour. The original ‘split’ biscuits turned into ‘slits’ in the biscuit in the first recipe I was sent, which is quite a different thing altogether.

And now to make them!

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