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Some new family photos and some thoughts

 Fellow family researcher, Luke Scane Atkins, the grandson of Roy Atkins and great-grandson of James Atkins and Annie Clavin Atkins, has come up with a few new family photos which are worth posting  and some tidbits of information to add to our collection.

Luke writes: I have come across just few bits of interest. Below is an article from the South Australian Register Wednesday 13th July 1853, I am pretty sure it is a reference to our Edward Atkins especially as the matter was heard at the Clare Local Court and of the Bundaleer connection.

“Dipkosey V Atkins. Action for £8 12s. 2d, for spirits…The plaintiff made an application to the Court to allow the case to stand over for a month, for the production of a material witness on his behalf. The defendant objected to this, as he said he had to come from Bundaleer. The Court consented to an adjournment; plaintiff to pay the costs, and also to allow the defendant mileage according to the rules of Court from Bundaleer.”

I think Edward Atkins did live at Bundaleer somewhere. I have tried to look at cemeteries in the area to see if any cemetery had a burial listing for Hannah Atkins, but no such luck. Both Edward and her had to have been buried somewhere. I know it is a long shot, but may be Hannah Atkins did not die in South Australia. What if she had to go back to England for some reason and died while there or had family member’s living interstate. She could have travelled there and died interstate. All Cemeteries have a listing of who is buried within the grounds. I just cannot understand why we cannot find a record of her death or burial. But at the same time we cannot find one for Edward as well. May be they were buried on private land and hence there is no public record.

NB: There was an Edward Atkins at Bundaleer and he was married to Hannah McLeod. What we do not yet know is if this Edward is our Edward.

I did find a reference to Sarah Stacey nee Atkins at the Nariddy Cemetery. (See below)

Nariddy Cemetery Notes

Compiled by Russell and Liz Smart

“Renshaw Desmond James  -- Infant Desmond died 27-8-1922 at Narridy, where he was born 3-6-1922 -- the son of Arthur Edward Renshaw and Mabel Rose Stacey.
Arthur Edward Renshaw was born 30-3-1877, the Hundred of Willochra -- the son of George Renshaw and Mary Ann nee Heaver.
Mabel Rose Stacey was the daughter of Walter James Stacey and Sarah nee Atkinson, born 30-7-1883 at Bundaleer Springs. Arthur and Mable married on 30-11-1902 at the home of Mrs. J. T. Blood of Narridy.
Arthur died 16-8-1963, Mabel died 1-7-1967 they are buried Dublin Cemetery.

Arthur and Mabel had a large family, but a very sad life, their first four children did not survive longer than 3 months. Baby Desmond was no.12 child, the remaining siblings surviving to adults. The other infants were interred at Yacka and Jamestown Cemeteries.) Baby Desmond Renshaw does not have a headstone.”

Not a lot of information is here, but it is just that I find it interesting that Sarah is listed as nee Atkinson and not Atkins. It just shows the different types of name you have to look under to find anything sometimes.

I have noticed that you have been talking about Rocky River in some of your emails. Below is a photo of my grandfather Roy Atkins aged 11 years. He is shown with the Rocky River which runs through Booyoolie Station. I just thought it is easy sometime to see the things that we are talking about. Rocky River is not a big river and the tern river is misleading. I think it is more of a creek. However, I think during the winter with a lot of rain it could flood to a large size.


I also thought it might be interesting for you to see what Booyoolie Station looks like. These photos were taken a few years ago when my Aunty Blanche went up there for an Atkins reunion.

 The photo below is of Annie Atkins nee Clavin, James Atkins wife. She is shown outside the house that both she and James Atkins lived in. The house was on Booyoolie Station itself. The house is now gone and the second photo shows where it originally stood on Booyoolie Station.

 There must have been a lot of workers on Booyoolie Station if the station owners had separate homes on their land for the workers and families to live in. After James Atkins died, the owners allowed Annie Atkins and her 10 children to live there for free although she must have worked around the station to earn a living.

I did not know that George Lewis also worked on Booyoolie Station. And yes the story of George Lewis dying of an accident came from the oral history handed down in my family. As we all know it is wrong and they may have being referring to John Lewis.

Luke also came across this photo, of Georgina Anastasia Ross Hillard and her family. She is far right and her husband Eli is far left with the children in the middle and what looks like one grand-child.

 This photograph was taken outside Auntie Teenie's house in Hamley Bridge where we frequently visited during my childhood. By that stage her husband Eli was dead and so was her daughter Betty, leaving Auntie Teenie to raise her two grandchildren, Aileen and Wayne, who were eleven when their mother, who was divorced from their father, was killed in a car accident in the Barossa Valley. It was a tragic time for the Hillard family coming just days after the death of Teenie's daughter-in-law who died after giving birth to her tenth child. The baby also died.

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