Thursday, 26 January 2012

The hooks are thrown just waiting for a catch to pull in

This is another of those waiting times. I have thrown out some research lines and now must wait for a catch to appear.

A researcher in Port Pirie is working on Charlie Ross's time there and although the chances are slim of anything coming up it remains possible. How wonderful to find a record of a Greek fishmonger with his Greek name registered along with his place of birth? I would be over the moon. It would also be wonderful synchronicity given that Pirie is one of my former homes.

I also have a researcher working on the Atkins/Haynes families in Gloucestershire which might throw light on my great-great-grandfather's ancestry. Here's hoping that we get to know more about the origins of Edward Atkins.

But I have to say, if I had a wish list and could only have one result it would be for my great-grandfather Charlie Ross. Was his name Rossolimos or something else? Was he born on Ithaca or Kythera or somewhere else? What was his Greek name?

It's waiting time with fingers crossed.

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