Friday, 23 March 2012

Not a lot has been happening but the work goes on....

 Photo: My grandfather Charles Vangelios Ross in the 1930's.

My British researchers seem to have disappeared into the ether. Either they are very busy or my requests are too much like hard work or both. I do however have great faith that progress will be made when the time is right.

I have taken on some new researchers in Gladsone, South Australia having found a reference to the Areas Express and Farmers Journal when doing further research after Charlie's obituary was found which said that from 1902 there were more articles done of a personal and biographical nature - here's hoping for one on Charlie Ross which gives at least his place of birth because I doubt his Greek name would be published. But who knows?

Apparently, From 1924 to early 1925 a series of articles about old residents, titled '80 years or over', gave detailed information about the lives of ten elderly local men. But Charlie had been dead for many years by this time and Mary was not quite old enough but female anyway - the doings of men being of far greater import than that of women.

The Areas express newspaper served the small towns and farming communities around Gladstone for over 70 years. It took a strong politically conservative stance, and included articles about a wide range of agricultural topics. The Express was a weekly through most of its existence, but enjoyed enough success to be published twice-weekly from February 1878 to July 1886.

There is no doubt that a specific place of birth or at least a confirmation of Ithaca, would lay open the way to do what this blog was and is about - Finding Charlie Ross! Here's hoping.

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