Sunday, 10 February 2013

Making contact with family followers

In the past week I have made contact with another family member who joined the blog as a follower. Such contacts are extremely useful in terms of information sharing, no matter how minor or how major that sharing might be.

We have had a group of three working on this for some time, despite the fact that we have been spread across Australia and when it comes to research, distance is not an issue and the more involved the more likely we are to make progress.

In addition, and perhaps even more importantly, I have been given copies of old family photos along with information, through these contacts which have arisen through the blog. Photographs are such a treasure and when one couple end up with thousands of descendants then that means there are thousands of possible places where an important photograph could be found. I am still hoping that out there somewhere is one of Charlie Ross with his Greek name on the back! Many things may be unlikely, but nothing is impossible.

We are still trying to finalise whether or not Elizabeth Mashford Atkins and her children, Elizabeth, Mary and James and their descendants were included in the death notice put up for Edward Atkins by a family member from his first marriage.

Our newest family researcher is Jillian Taylor who is descended from Jasper and Margaret (Atkins) Newberry. Margaret was the daughter of our Edward Atkins and his first wife, Hannah McLeod. Jillian has brought some new information with her and I shall post it soon, after I have finally sifted through all of it and the additional information which Kylie and Luke have come up with through discussion of the material.

I would very much like to get in touch with any family members who may be following the blog and you can contact me anytime on:

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